A few years back, during my annual, outdoor family reunion some family members were stung by bees during the games. Also, I was unable to sit on my deck during the summer due to bees and carpenter bees. When I called you to find a solution for the problem, you responded immediately. After you treated, what were ground bees, you suggested a barrier spray for my home. After that summer, without stinging insects around, my family and I spend most of our time outdoors.
Also I want to thank you for responding to a friend of mine, who had small children and discovered a nest on their porch. You took care of the nest that very evening, and they have welcomed you back each year for a barrier spray.

It is so nice to know that when spring comes each year, I have one less thing to worry about, and can look forward to a sting-free reunion. I highly recommend you to all my relatives and neighbors.

Hope you have a wonderful summer, when your work is done!

Louise Golden


Thank You for the speedy reply! You did a fantastic job!
Jessica Sheneman, Brunswick, OH


Thanks to the fine people at BeeGon. Your warranty is wonderful and Carol is always pleasant and eager to help. Thanks again!!
Amy Costello, Medina, OH