Treatment details:

Truck with 100 gal. tank with a 300 ft. hose for annual application

We apply concentrated liquid to foundation of the home or building. Then move onto next level of house, the windows, behind shutters, all doors, then top and bottom of awnings, eaves, soffits, and all gutters and dormers. We will include storage sheds, all decks, railings, pool railings, around above ground pools and mailbox if requested.

This is a protection barrier on the home against stinging insects, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets. Once a year application that protects your home all spring and summer from stinging insects that nest.

Other services include:

  • Nest removal ($189 – $213.50)
  • Indoor sprays for ants, spiders, ground bees
  • Carpenter ant treatments
  • Carpenter bee treatments
  • Also spray fences for an additional cost
  • Inside treatments vary upon particular application used
  • Additional cost for carpenter bee treatments.

Warranty :

All barrier sprays are covered from date of application until October 1 of the same year.


One-time fee- $189 (average size home) and up depending on size of structure.


  • We use people, plant, pet friendly products.
  • EPA approved.
  • Never ask you to sign a contract.
  • Once a year is all you need for a sting-free summer.


David & Carol Resch, family operated since 1998. We pride ourselves in our prompt service and warranties. David does barrier sprays, as well as all carpenter ants, and all nest removals. Carol does barrier sprays, as well as carpenter bees, and manages the office. She is known as the “Lady Bee Slayer”